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Jackson operates a mature and robust integrated management system which is fully certified to BSI standards and applies to all our offices and sites.

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A team from Jackson, Connect Plus and TechJoint have successfully trialled a new concrete waterproofing system, Matacryl WS, which has the potential to dramatically reduce project programmes and budgets on future concrete waterproofing schemes.

The Brentford Branch Line is an elevated section of carriageway between junctions 1 and 3 of the M4. The structure had previously been strengthened with an additional concrete slab, resulting in a thin surfacing course that had degraded, exposing the concrete underneath.

To repair the waterproofing, conventional methods would have involved laying a waterproofing course underneath an 80-100mm layer of asphalt, which would have added additional weight to the structure and led to the kerbs, crash barriers and fencing all having to be re-aligned - a costly and time-consuming process.

On this particular project, using Matacryl WS saved an estimated two months on the project programme, and approximately £500,000 in reduced labour, plant and lane rental costs, when compared to conventional waterproofing methods. Not all concrete structures will have the same weight challenges as the Brentford Branch Line, however, there are several benefits to this method which could impact future waterproofing schemes, making them safer, quicker and more efficient to undertake:

1. Reduced project programmes mean the travelling public are faced with less disruption
2. This, in turn, reduces the risk to our workforce, as they are spending less time out on the network
3. Projects can be planned and executed more efficiently because the material is less reliant on favourable weather conditions
4. The material can be hand laid or sprayed, which reduces the need for heavy plant, thus lowering risk to the workforce.
5. Shorter programmes, smaller workforces and fewer lane rentals all contribute to lowering overall costs

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Collaboration is currently our industry’s favourite buzzword, so here it is, in action, delivering rock solid results for the benefit of the UK’s road network.

Working with our clients, Connect Plus & Connect Plus Services, Jackson carried out some trials of a new waterproofing agent, Matacryl on the M25 Mardyke Viaduct. The benefit of Matacryl is that it’s easier to apply, quicker to cure, and can be installed under far less stringent weather conditions than conventional waterproofing materials, which means far fewer delays to waterproofing works.

Our Framework Director Paul Watson explains: “The initial trial was a great success however, we faced a real challenge in sourcing the material due to a lack of suppliers in the UK. To solve the problem, we worked with the manufacturer, RPM, and one of our supply chain partners Techjoint, who agreed to get involved. As a result, Matacryl is now being used widely across the UK’s road network, reducing delays to waterproofing works, and keeping the traffic flowing.”

matacrylMark Healy from Techjoint said: “As a result of the collaborative nature of our relationship with Jackson and Connect Plus, we were confident enough to invest in new plant, equipment, training and development of new products. The Jackson/CP team are always there at the end of the phone if we ever need any advice, even on competitor’s projects and this is something that is unique in our business.”

The results from the initial trials have since been shared with other Framework suppliers through the Research and Development Forums, and the Collaboration Portal, and Matacryl is now widely used across the UK’s highways network.

Furthermore, this relationship, a shining example of best practice collaboration with the supply chain, has led Jackson to be shortlisted for the NEC Contractor of the Year award, which has a particular emphasis on clause 10.1 – the obligation to act in a spirit of mutual trust. The winner will be announced at the NEC Annual Seminar at the end of this month.

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