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Jackson operates a mature and robust integrated management system which is fully certified to BSI standards and applies to all our offices and sites.

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Jackson recently completed a major enabling works project for the Thames Tideway Tunnel Scheme at the Dormay Street Site in Wandsworth.

This £2.5m project involved replacing a section of the river wall that was at high risk of collapsing into the Bell Lane Creek.

Before work on the new wall could begin, temporary screw piles were installed as a temporary works measure to support lifting and piling operations.

A guide wall was then constructed for the secant piling which forms a wall using overlapping reinforced concrete piles. Primary piles are installed first with the secondary piles constructed in between.

Throughout the project, special monitoring was required to track movement of the wall as it was moving 8mm between tides. Engineer Jack Allen said: “We used a Leica Nova TM50 monitoring station to produce a live 24/7 motion survey of the river wall with live graphic in the office and 24/7 email alerts to notify us if the existing wall exceeded the permissible limits of movement.”

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