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Jackson operates a mature and robust integrated management system which is fully certified to BSI standards and applies to all our offices and sites.

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Monday, 30 March 2015 12:49

Dartford West Tunnel Resurfacing

Client: Connect Plus
Value: £2.5m

Jackson carried out resurfacing of the West tunnel of the Dartford Crossing as part of the framework with Connect Plus. Work included waterproofing the deck, replacing joints and ironwork, installing new drainage and resurfacing.

This project required a full closure of the tunnel and work was carried out over 15 nights. Before this project took place, repairs to the West tunnel were costing Connect Plus in the region of £1m per year. Innovative solutions implemented on this project by the team have significantly reduced this figure. The new surface cost £2.5m to install, and has been designed to last for 5-10 years. Therefore a maintenance saving of between £2.5 and £7.5 million has been achieved.

This project was also awarded the Constructing Excellence Award for Integration and Collaborative Working.

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Monday, 30 March 2015 12:40

Spring Lane Bridge Reconstruction

Client: EM Highways (for TFL)
Value: £1.5m

Spring Lane Bridge is a road/pedestrian bridge in the centre of Croydon. It is a busy traffic route, and serves several vital bus routes. Due to structural issues, the bridge had to be closed to HGV’s and buses in 2010 and vital bus routes diverted around the bridge.

These lengthy diversions significantly increased public transport running costs, so in Spring 2014, Jackson began work to reconstruct the bridge.

The project presented a number of challenges. Firstly, being situated in a built up area, surrounded by residential and commercial properties, and with a live tramline running underneath, and a pedestrian footway running across the bridge which could not be diverted, the project required thorough contact, communication and co-ordination with many stakeholders, particularly London Tramlink.

The project also had various time constraints, one of the most important being the 9 day blockade period during which the tram link was shut down, and critical demolition and new bridge construction operations could take place. Despite the project starting almost 6 weeks behind schedule, the project team managed to achieve critical works in line with the blockade, and no possession works overran at any stage.

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Monday, 30 March 2015 11:29

Lowestoft Northern Spine Road

Client: Suffolk County Council
Value: £6.5m

Jackson recently constructed this new 1.1km road which runs between an existing roundabout at the northern end of Millennium Way, to a new roundabout that connects it with Blundeston Road, Corton Long Lane, and the northern section of the A12 towards Great Yarmouth.

Running alongside the new road is a new cycle and foot path, and Jackson also constructed two attenuation ponds designed to decrease surface water movements. The ponds temporarily store water from the carriageway drainage system during periods of heavy rain.

Through a value engineering process, the project team opted to use a soil stabilisation technique which avoided having to import thousands of tonnes of extra material, which meant less lorries on the roads, and a lower project cost.

Throughout construction the team worked closely with the council to minimise disruption to motorists, and the most potentially disruptive part of the construction programme, building the new roundabout on the A12, was done at night to ensure the road was kept open during the day.

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