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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 08:11

West Bank Terminal Swing Mooring, Ipswich

Client: ABP
Value: £290,000

Jackson recently installed a swing mooring at the West Bank Terminal at Ipswich Docks.

The mooring will allow large Ro-Ro vessels to turn around, ready to leave the port, without the help of tug boats.

The mooring will ensure that the 152m long vessel ‘Capucine’ which is scheduled to dock at Ipswich five times a week from Rotterdam, maintains clearance of vessels moored on the East bank. The new mooring works by keeping the stern of the vessel close to the quayside allowing it to pivot round safely in the narrow channel.

The ‘Capucine’ is one of the largest to use the Port of Ipswich, so the mooring was designed to withstand a working load of 150 tonnes.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 08:08

Dover Harbour Interceptor Tanks

Client: Port of Dover
Value: £330,000

Jackson recently installed four fuel interceptors in Dover Harbour. The interceptors have been installed 6.5m below ground in the Harbour’s lorry park, which is 70,000m2 and sees almost 6000 lorries pass through each day.

Put simply, the interceptors are large tanks situated underground, which collect contaminated water and separate out oils and fuel, to prevent these substances from flowing into watercourses. When it rains, the surface water runs into the tanks and is allowed to settle. The fuels and oils in the water are collected and separated and then the clean water is allowed to flow out.

The harbour is situated on very dense sand and therefore, coffer dams were used to ensure that when the holes were dug, the walls didn’t collapse. The tanks are situated well below sea-level and as the sea is not very far away, pumps had to be installed within the coffer dams to keep the water out.

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