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Jackson operates a mature and robust integrated management system which is fully certified to BSI standards and applies to all our offices and sites.

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In 2014, the UK suffered its worst rainfall in almost 250 years. As a result, thousands of homes were flooded, causing an estimated £1.1bn in damage. Since then, Jackson has been completing vital projects for the Environment Agency under the Asset Refurbishment Programme of Works (ARPoW) contract, to improve flood protection to the EA’s assets around East Anglia.

Since 2014, the team has designed and delivered over 60 schemes across East Anglia, improving flood protection to almost 6000 properties.

The majority of projects involve repairing and refurbishing assets to the required service level for the next 10 years. These types of projects include: flood embankments (fluvial and coastal), coastal repairs, de-silting operations, sluice and asset repairs, vegetation clearance, piling, M&E, fish and eel passes and landing stages.

Stephen Christian, Jackson’s Senior Contracts Manager said: “The value we bring to these schemes comes from our ability to enhance programme delivery because we already have a model in place for programme management, consents and environmental appraisals, which pays dividends when we’re dealing with small scale projects. It also means that we’re able to value engineer solutions based on past experience, and use innovative building techniques to improve the end product.”

Over the ARPoW programme, Jackson has generated efficiency savings of around 11.5% over £13m worth of work. Savings can be demonstrated in all nine of the Environment Agency’s efficiency categories with the biggest savings being achieved through innovation, value engineering and streamlining programmes to speed up delivery. The programme is expected to continue until Summer 2019 with an additional 30 schemes to still be designed and constructed.

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