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Award winning flood defence scheme completed in Sandwich

Jackson recently completed the Sandwich Town Tidal Defence Scheme, which has just picked up a Living Waterways Award from the Canal & River Trust for its contribution to the built environment.

sandwich1The Sandwich Town Tidal Defence Scheme was a 14Km long flood defence project to protect homes and businesses in the mediaeval town, and is the single largest flood defence scheme in Kent for three decades.

Using cost effective and environmentally sensitive techniques, the scheme minimises the scale of hard flood defences, whilst providing a high level of protection. This has been achieved by allowing local farm land to flood and by installing visually acceptable defence structures, using grassed earth banks where possible, and carefully selected building materials.

Built by Jackson, the £21.7m scheme has been delivered in partnership by the Environment Agency, Pfizer and Kent County Council, and is and the first of its kind in terms of being delivered in partnership with both public and private finance.

The Living Waterways judges said;
“This project has not only provided tidal protection to the people of Sandwich, it has also improved their public amenities and open space alongside the river in a most pleasing way. Where flood walls have been built next to properties, their construction details are sympathetic to the character of the buildings they protect.”

Watch a short video detailing the impact the project has had on Sandwich Town.