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Secretary of State opens Pickering ‘Slow the flow’ project

Jackson recently completed work on the Pickering ‘Slow the flow’ flood defence project, which was officially opened by Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss.

Designed to protect 50 homes and businesses in Pickering, North Yorkshire, the scheme involved the construction of a large flood storage area, control structures and the adaptation of innovative land management practices in order to slow the flow of water during a flood event.

Established by the Forestry Commission and North York Moors National Park, these innovative methods involve planting trees and constructing ‘woody debris dams’ in becks and streams which help to hold the water in the landscape and delay its passage downstream during heavy rains.

sosJackson constructed the flood control structure and a large flood storage area, designed to hold back 120,000 cubic meters of water at times of peak flow. Pickering has a long history of floods caused by the fact that Pickering beck flows through a steep sided valley for much of its length. Rain water runs rapidly off the moors and hillsides and rushes down towards the town. Three floods since 2000 have seen up to 85 properties and the main A170 flooded, causing million pounds of damage.

Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss said:
“This scheme is just one part of this Government’s £2.3bn long-term investment programme to better protect homes and businesses from the risk of flooding. The pioneering scheme uses nature in a truly innovative way, planting trees to form barriers and constructing woodland dams. This is a great example of how local communities and partners working together can make a real difference in managing flood risk.”