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Jackson wins double whammy at British Construction Industry Awards

Jackson Civil Engineering is immensely proud to have been part of two projects to be recognised at the British Construction Industry Awards 2015.

The QEII Joint Replacement Project scooped the Temporary Works award, and the Sunbury Lock Refurbishment Project was also highly commended in this same category.

QEII Bridge Joint Replacement
The QEII Bridge project involved removing and replacing all six expansion joints on the bridge. Using a bespoke temporary over-ramp, developed in collaboration between our client Connect Plus, and the designers Flint & Neill, we collectively managed to solve the problem of imposing lane closures or speed restrictions on the bridge during the work, allowing the traffic to flow freely, whilst work to remove the old joints was carried out from the underside of the bridge.qeii3

Whilst in-situ, 30.2 million vehicles drove over the ramps, their drivers largely unaware of their presence, or indeed the work going on underneath them. Considering this number in the context of delays that could have been caused by the works, the benefits for this temporary works method are unquantifiable. The ramps are already being re-used on another project at Gade Valley, and there are plans to re-use them on a further 28 projects in the future. In that respect, this project was a triumph for the industry.

The judges said:
“We were extremely impressed with both the specific solution and the potential for reuse on numerous future schemes. The solution involved innovation in both design and delivery, and the team are to be commended in their attention to detail and willingness to invest. The solution delivers a huge benefit to the travelling public, in that it is virtually imperceptible in use whilst providing a safe environment for the replacement works and minimising road closure. This may be a beneficial result of high lane rental costs. The development of the equipment has involved innovation in material mixes combined with the joint design, and this is being extended for use on higher speed roads. We can see huge potential for the approach, both in the UK and abroad. This combined with the quality of the original work has led us to unanimously select this as the winner."

Sunbury Lock Refurbishment project
Highly commended in the Temporary Works category, the Sunbury Lock Refurbishment Project used a newly developed ‘A’ Frame Gantry Crane to install the new lock gates, and a Limpet Dam was also used to undertake underwater repairs instead of very expensive cofferdams.

sunbury-aBoth the A Frame and the Limpet Dam allowed the team to avoid using expensive and disruptive construction plant such as lock-side cranes, crane barges and piling rigs. The bespoke bits of kit will also be re-used on other projects, so the £130k saving achieved by the Environment Agency on this particular job will be replicated in the future.

The British Construction Industry Awards are the most admired and coveted awards in the construction industry. Now in its 28th year, the awards boast a panel of exceptional judges, leading industry recognition and unrivalled networking opportunities.

Mark Hansford, Editor, New Civil Engineer, said:
“This year’s winners are a truly outstanding bunch - having delivered projects procured in the depths of recession on time, on budget and to the delight of the end user. These awards really do showcase and rightly celebrate the best that the British construction can deliver when all parties work collaboratively and to a common end goal."