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Clients and supply chain partners join safety and mental health webinar

Key clients and supply chain partners joined Jackson Civil Engineering employees in attending a specially-arranged online talk on workplace safety and mental health.

The talk was delivered by Dr Tim Marsh, a leading behavioural safety psychologist, who specialises in safety leadership and organisational culture with a strong emphasis on wellbeing and mental health.

Over 180 people tuned into the liveTeams session, which Jackson had planned as part of a series of events and initiatives it has organised for Mental Health Awareness Week. During his talk, called 'Mental Health Uncovered', Dr Marsh urged the audience to create a culture of care and ask: “How people really are...twice”..

Integrated approach

Jackson’s Legal & QHSE Director, Laura Thomas, said: “The presentation was thoroughly engaging and did justice to this hugely important topic; linking mental health and human behaviours to safety.It sparked debate, reflection and most importantly, raised awareness. I thoroughly recommend Tim’s human-centred, impactful, holistic and integrated approach to addressing the major causes of human error.”

Other initiatives Jackson organised for Mental Health Awareness Week included a live Teams session on ‘Managing energy, not time’; a focus on nature with a host of related content on the company’s Sharepoint intranet and the bonus of staff finishing at 1pm on Friday to reflect on the week’s learning.