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Newhaven Flood Alleviation Scheme Update

The Newhaven Flood alleviation scheme is a three year project to protect 430 homes and 380 businesses from flooding in Newhaven on the south coast.

The scheme includes earth embankments, sheet pile walls, concrete walls and flood gates to provide a one in 100 year standard of protection.

18 months in, the team is currently installing 400 metres of sheet pile wall on the east side of the River Ouse.

The entire defence runs for 3Km and will open up opportunities for further development throughout Newhaven once it is completed in 2019.

Andy Pilbeam, Sub Agent said, “Delivering the Newhaven Flood Alleviation Scheme has been challenging but provides great satisfaction to all involved knowing the projects has the potential to spearhead development in an area that would greatly benefit from it.”

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