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Jackson Foreman wins Outstanding Employee of the Year Award

Phil Hinman has won the Midlands Construction Training Group Outstanding Employee of the Year Award for his work on the Perry Barr and Witton Flood Defence Scheme in Birmingham.

Through a series of initiatives Phil has transformed the way his site teams operate, and improved their health, safety and wellbeing at work.

The judges heralded Phil’s dedication to producing ‘outstanding working practices’ and described him as ‘an inspiration to the industry’.

Outstanding work practice
In a bid to improve health and safety, Phil introduced a simple but innovative ‘Tool Card’ system, to ensure the usage of tools on his site were monitored and regulated safely.

He explains: “On a large site like ours, a lot of kit goes in and out of the stores each day. The aim of the tool cards was to add another layer of safety to ensure all the kit was being used correctly.”

The tool cards are a set of laminated, illustrated cards which are displayed in the site’s tool stores detailing precisely what PPE, training and authorisation is required for each tool to be used. It also details the noise levels that will be generated from the equipment, the safe levels of usage per day for the operatives, whether a drip tray is required, and whether a special permit is required.

When an operative requires any tool, the store person must check they can fulfil each and every requirement shown on the card relative to the tool.

This simple method ensures the operative is fully qualified to use the tool required, therefore eliminating the risk of improper usage leading to injury. The tool card system has since been adopted as best practice and rolled out across the company.

It is also published on the Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub